A little about me? Okay, I’m a 24 year old (BA) Hons Business Graduate who fell out of love with the conventional way of living. I have always done as told, the right A-level subjects, how to study for exams, the right degree subject to open me up to all potential and possible jobs. I’ve never been the top of the class but always fairly close. A’s and B’s at A-level in Business and Maths, 1st Class Business Management Degree, and what did it get me? A near 12-hour a day job in a B2B sales role where I devoted my hours of sunlight and darkness to recruitment and sales training. It was fun for a while, until it wasn’t. How could an imagination as curious and wild as mine be trapped in the cubicles of an office with no freedom to follow my own pursuits? Well the truth is, it couldn’t. As my mind wandered, my motivation did. I couldn’t pretend I was ready to  help build somebody’s else dreams until i’d at least tried to follow and build my own. That’s what brings me here…on my voyage around the world, in search of something, in search of more.

I am currently writing this blog from Niagara-on-the-Lake in Canada, but the truth is my dreams stretch a lot further than that. My plan is to travel, whilst living and working, in North and South America, be it in hostels, teaching, or digitally. The start of my expedition has been pleasure more than business; so far I’ve visited 5 US States; NY NY, WASHINGTON D.C, PHILADELPHIA PA, BOSTON MA, CHICAGO IL. Following on from the States I journeyed up to Canada, and have since been to TORONTO, MONTREAL, QUEBEC CITY, OTTAWA, MILTON, NIAGARA-ON THE LAKE and next within Canada will be Calgary, Banff, Vancouver and Victoria.

I will aim to update this as I go; but just in case I fall behind, my plans beyond Canada extend back down to the States, from Seattle >> Portland >> San Francisco >> Los Angeles >> Las Vegas >> San Diego >> Austin >> Heuston >> South Carolina >> Orlando >> Miami >> Bahamas >> Cuba >> Guatemala >> Panama >> Costa Rica >> Colombia >> Brazil >> Argentina >> Chile >> Peru >> the rest of the world?.

Please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you 🙂